Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh the weather outside is....

Snow, snow and more snow! In case you missed the news, the east coast, in our case Virginia was hit with a major snow storm and we received about 19 inches of the white stuff. Now I live in the Seattle area where we panic if we receive a couple of inces. The whole city shuts down and we are all trapped at home. I have never lived in a place where it has heavy snowfall and this has been a blast. Truly a winter wonderland. It snowed and then it snowed some more.
Our two grandkids, Greyson and Sophia enjoyed the moment.
And Augusto is all bundled up for our walk out around the neighborhood. Look at the snowbank behind him, oh mercy.
And then the necessary work of shoveling out driveways and walkways. Corbin is shoveling like crazy but the snow keeps a

And yes, the obligatory snow fort is made with a wee head peeking out, oh the joy of youth!

My {View} is filled with white fluffy snow today


Terri said...

How Fun! I wish we had some of that! But here in NC we only got sticky rain...
Merry Christmas to you!

Cindy Welch said...

What a wonderful time and beautiful pictures. So glad Greece will be warm thou! Have a wonderful christmas