Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bonjour mes amis...

It's a lovely afternoon at Le Petit Trianon and Marie Antoinette is ready to receive her correspondence and learn of the latest court gossip. Her ladies in waiting gather round as the first envelope is delivered....shimmering pink glitter, sweet pink feather, gauze butterfly with gold, not to mention flower buttons and pearls. Oh la la, magnifique..fit for a Queen.
Tres charment, oui...gold filagree, pink glitter swirls, sweet German Foil paper dollies and even a cake. and vintage lace upon which a small bee sits.
These are two "altered envelopes" I have just finished for my Marie Antoinette mail art group swap. I make three and will receive three in return. I love pretty envelopes almost as much as I love "old fashioned snail" mail. It is such a treat to open the mailbox and see a lovely mini work of art all for you.
Adieu...today My {View} is filled with visions of Paris in days long gone bye.


kana said...

Hi Catherine,

I just saw your thoughtful bella gift to Teresa, what a great idea! I love your blog! Hope to meet you in November.

Rose Brier Studio said...

Your envelopes are so lovely! I do like your taste. And your bella kindness pass it on is such a fun thing to start. Can't wait to see you this autumn!

Jeanneoli said...

Came from Teresa's blog...what a great idea! You have a beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mama-
Hee, hee...I feel like the daughter of a great "artiste"!!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely!