Friday, July 31, 2009

A trip to Paradise...

When the temperatures rise above 100 degrees and it sizzles, what to do....hmmmm, how about a day trip to Mt Rainier and visit the newly reopened PARADISE LODGE. Happy Grandpa with his "two" boys. Marcelo is by his side whilst Michael Jr. is peeking behind
Oh the joys of summer, what is nicer than the front porch with a majestic view of the mountain and a breeze, perhaps a lemonade. Yes life is good.

We had a fab trip on our "daycation" with stops for ice cream along the way.
Enjoying summer, are you?

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CindyML said...

Catherine - I am going to CE. Can't wait!! I am commenting on the gorgeous picture of Mt. Rainier in this post. Did you take that picture? The reason I ask is my daughter is on the Varsity volleyball team at their school. Their theme for the season is 'reach the summit'. I need to get a picture of a mountain and have it blown up for a poster for the locker room. I have searched images of Mt. Rainier and this one is by far the best - showing lots of mountain while bringing in the beauty of the surrounding area. I would love to use this picture (and give the photog credit) in my poster. If you took this and would let me borrow it, I would appreciate it very much. I can take it in jpeg form then I will convert it to PDF for the printing from Staples. Thanks so much. Cindy Lemmons