Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The preparations begin...

Cinamon, allspice, cranberries wafting through the house, yes the smell of Thanksgiving is in the air. Pate brise to make for tomorrow's fresh from the oven apple pie and Grandpa's most wonderful apple crisp as well.

Today is preparation day and that means lots of cooking and double checking to make sure all the fresh ingredients are all accounted for.


Today I am grateful for the fact that our first grandson is home with us now from school. And that today is the last day of school for the little ones as well. Family together for that I am truly thankful!

With a little luck Cristina, Corbin and I may be able to sneak out and go to the movies to see New Moon, second on the vampire trilogy. What could be nicer :)

My {View} includes a fresh turkey, apples, and cranberries...oh my


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Heather said...

Hello Catherine. I just wanted to tell you that I just pulled your name for my blog giveaway. Just Email me your info and I can send it your way. My email info is on my blog site. Thanks for playing and stopping by my blog.