Monday, May 3, 2010

Carry Me Back To Old Virginia...

Tis off to Virginia we go to visit our daughter and family.  We have been "summoned" or should I say "cordially invited"  by Sophia and Greyson, to attend Grandparents Day at their school.  We were in Romania last year at this time and missed their special event, so a promise was made... and off we go. 

We plan to return middle of May so please excuse me if my blogging is infrequent to none as I plan to spend as much time as possible with the munchkins...

I am working on my "Week In The Life" project, though, and hope to have some pages ready to share soon :)



Terri said...

Have a fabulous time in Virginia with your family.

Cindy Welch said...

Have fun and take lots of pics roomie

Katsui Jewelry said...

Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren...sounds very special!

Jana Holden said...

Have a wonderful time with your grandkids! It's wonderful you can go back for their special day at school!