Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My goodness this is a class project from Creating Keepsakes University Provo 2007, I think, taught by none other than Tim Holtz.  I always liked the concept but could never commit to which photos I wanted to use and should they be black and white or color???  So I just put the project on a shelf and moved on.  Well I stepped up and completed it yesterday, yahoo!
You start with a basic Ikea wood frame, this one has a mirror in the center and then proceed to do a paint wash and then adhere various collage elements which you create.  Fun, fun, fun.

A closer look at the collage elements...
Yes siree, one more project of old finished.  Hope I can keep the creative juices flowing.  Am also working on my Week In My Life Photos and will begin to share those soon  : )

Enjoy the moment


Deb said...

Wow, Catherine, you are really on a roll! I'm loving all of your projects here - the layouts in your previous post are great, as well as this decorated frame.

I am so inspired by this - I even have one of these Ikea mirrors in my stash! Thanks for the inspiration...can't wait to see what you come up with next! xo

Terri said...

Oh this layout is so sweet! What a fab idea to do this. It is a real treasure.