Monday, March 23, 2009

Angel wings, pink tulle and a baby...

I recently had the pleasure of participating in Teresa McFayden"s E -Zine, Bellorama. She provides the directions and inspirations to wonderful projects and then you go forth and create.

To quote Teresa she says, "Artfully speaking, it's so important to pay honor to your childhood self, and think like a child now and then. I hope you have a baby photo of yourself to use! Displaying your wee self in your work space will help you remember to do that."

It was such a delight to create my "wee self" and I do have her in my craft room for inspiration. How can you not be inspired surrounded by angel wings and pink tulle, I say.

Does your {View} include a wee self....



Anonymous said...

bonjour mama!
This is tres tres chic. :) I just posted about you on my blog. :)

Jackie said...

oh like what you did with that picture :)