Monday, June 29, 2009

Little found treasures...

We visited Putney, VT last fall and I had the good fortune to stumble upon a vintage bookstore to browse. I explained to the proprietor a very nice older gentleman that I enjoyed altered art and was looking for sheet music, ledgers, etc. At first he showed me items that were $500 and, beautiful pieces, but certainly not intended to be altered. I explained what I was looking for again and he went out to his storage room and came back in with a box full of old "worthless" papers. I had hit the mother load, oh yeah. I was going through some of my vintage papers today and found this sweet calendar from 1892. Is it not precious? You can see the word December which was the last monthly page torn off. I am sharing it today because I have just been given my Silver Bella "Embroidery Sampler" swap partner. And when I saw "sewing circle" at the bottom of the circle I just knew I needed to share it and figure out a special project to honor it's beauty. Any ideas...... Again as I was sorting I also had forgotten that I found this old Postcard with my name, Catherine...oh la la. It is from France and on the back it says.."Vive Saint Catherine" and it is from Christiane and I just happen to have a daughter, Cristina. So, of course, I believe that I was destined to find this vintage treasure.

On Ali Edwards blog
she has been talking about Shedding Layers: Supplies and Creative Expectations. Thus I began to reorder my studio with the intent of clearing out stuff I don't use...and I did succeed to some degree, but I also found "little treasures" I had put away and forgotten. How wonderful to re-find them.
What do you have hidden away and forgotten? It might be time to look...
Catherine....Vivre Sainte Catherine

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