Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Bonnet silliness....

On Friday evening we attended a dance and we were to wear an Easter Bonnet (men as well as women)
I am a movie buff and so I thought about the old film, Easter Parade, with Fred Astair and Judy Garland. At the end of the movie Judy gives Fred a tophat all adorned with Easter finery and they then stroll the Avenue together. Soooo I found funny craft foam hats and decked them out. Mine with tulle, butterflies and a pretty feathered bird : )
For my sweet hubby I attached an Easter garland around the base, put a couple of feather plumes and then on top I adherded Easter grass and little yellow chicks. So silly.
We both wore tuxedos and had black canes to round out our attire. Yes, I do believe we were fit to stroll the Avenue...

Easter Parade
--Irving Berlin

On the Avenue,
Fith Avenue,
The photographers will snap us
And we'll find that we're
In the rotogravure.

Wishing you a most Happy Easter!


Cindy Welch said...

What fun!

Jackie said...

how fun does that your hats!