Monday, April 19, 2010


n. animate existence; vitality; union of soul and body; period between birth and death; an essential to the maintenance of life; the story of life.

Today, morning... I begin.

Yes, it's time, Ali Edward's is beginning her "Week In The Life" project and I am going to play along. Actually my sweet hubby is also joining in as well  :)
This is a wonderful opportunity to capture and document your story with words and pictures.  I would so love to know more about my parent's daily lives.  How did my mother spend her day?  What filled her hours?  What did she feel?  And so I think this project is indeed worth the effort, to take the time, and capture one week in our life. 

Hey, I have a great idea, why don't you pop over and visit Ali's blog get the specifics for the project and join me in this endeavor.  Come on you can do it....


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Cindy Welch said...

Beautiful photo. I admire that you can start the project. I believe next year I am going to try and do the entire year.