Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am getting ready for....

the Academy Awards 2010.

Yeah baby! I am a movie "nut" I love movies, always My hubby and I are currently on a movie binge trying to see more of the nominated movies, actors, and actresses. With 10 best films this year the task is quite daunting.

March 7, 2010 is the date, be sure and put it on your calendar now, (wink) I still have much planning to do for the actual evening, what pajamas to wear, popcorn or chips? Red vines or Butterfingers accompanied by a delightful glass of chanpagne. Yes Champagne, it tastes wonderful with everything, say I :)

Will share more as we get closer but for now gotta go and finish watching "District 9", rented from Netflix. Saw "Crazy Heart" on Wednesday so you can see I am seriously working on this project. And yes it is affecting my crafting time...

So tell me, how about you, do you watch?




Cindy Welch said...

So much fun! I am watching my day flash by in a haze. With my RN on maternity leave at work, I have been the office RN, Hospital RN and Administrator. Boy where was the 16 weeks of maternity leave when I had a baby??????

Catherine said...
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