Friday, June 11, 2010

The Farm Chicks Antique Fair, part 2

A little peek at some of my sweet found treasures...
A very old daily journal, which had not been written in. I adore the texture and character of the book cover.  It is very delightfully soft and supple as well.
The inside pages are worn around the edges and  the paper is aged beautifully.
Oh I do enjoy vintage button cards. Just look at these adorable pink trimmed sweeties.
Look at the beautiful pink satin ladies glove box I found.  Won't it be just perfect to hold my vintage found items?  I am little by little trying to find vintage containers to hold my art supplies.  Today I was most fortunate.
A closer look at this amazing piece of pink milk glass circa mid 1940's or 50's.  I want to learn a little more about this as I understand it is becoming quite a collectable.  If you have any information please share with me.
A close up of an old piece of chenille fabric I found.  I love the flowers.

And here is a close up of the amazing vintage wallpaper I found at Heather Bullard's shop.  Good find, I think.

Oh my, look at this 1948 edition of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. It if filled with wonderful old photos and advertisements, oh my heart be

Hope you have enjoyed my little show and tell today.  I must say I did get overwhelmed by the large crowds and was not at my "shopping" best.  But as you see I did manage to find a few special finds.

Thanks for visiting...


Deb said...

Yep, I'm drooling. LOVELY finds, Catherine. I LOVE that chenille fabric. Lucky you!!! xo

Suz said...

Wonderful treats, Catherine. I so love that wallpaper! I also adore the chenile. Looks like this was a fun trip!