Monday, June 21, 2010

First day of summer, grey skies, I dream....

How to Dress like a French Woman:
-First and foremost, throw away uptight.

-Of course, own one of everything in black, plus know the fashionable color of the season, and have it in your wardrobe too: This year it is gray with hints of floral pink.

-Dare to wear red gloves.

-Stuff your pockets with confidence in your beauty, walk knowing you are worth a billion dollars.

-Smoke without shame.

-Wear matching sexy, jamais boring, ni basic white, undergarments.

-Ditch the tennis shoes and socks.

-Have a "day" perfume and an "evening" perfume, make it your calling card.

-Dress for the occasion, wear leather pants to the grocery store, and always have champagne in your refrigerator.

-Celebrate your femininity, breasts are more than two lumps.

-Add a twist to the ordinary: Jeans, lace top, leopard print high heels. Do not be afraid to express yourself.

-Sit straight, hold your head up, guard your tongue, and admire other women.

je reve

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Connie K. said...

Hi Catherine..
Thank you for the comment...
Well it doesn't always look this neat..some days I can barely walk in there..and it will probably never be this tidy again..
If you peeked in the closet you would be is a really dangerous place ..bolts of fabric, boxes of trim ,stacked almost to the ceiling...
That is my next is not for the faint of heart!
Love this post!