Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer fun...

Over at Big Picture Scrapbooking, Claudine Hellmuth is offering a class titled, @ Home With Claudine Hellmuth. I just signed up. I love her style and I have been unable to find an in person class in my area so I thought this would be a perfectly delightful.

And Kara is also offering a summer class, "Summer of Love"...two weeks filled with journaling and photography. Oh my it sounds so tempting : )

And if that is not enough, Shimelle is also offering what looks to be a delightful class with phtography and scrapping.  Oh my what am I to

Would enjoy hearing about your creative summer plans. Do you go on  creative hiatus, do you take classes, create special projects with your little ones.  Oh the joys of summer...


cate said...

I just signed up for Shimelle's class, and will be signing up for Claudine's by the end of the week... see you there!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Such riches! Are you and your daughter going to Silver Bella this year or is your cruise the 'big event"?

Terri said...

Hello Catherine,
You look like you are going to be having some real creative fun this summer.
I am just back to crafting after my vacation in Paris. It took me a while to catch up after I got home.
I am planning on a couple more video tutorials to add to my blog, one on jewelry and maybe a mixed media room box of some sort. I am also itching to sew!
Have lots of fun with your classes.